Customizing Skid for each user

For each user, you need to create a login file in the folder users. For instance for user Mary, create a file called Mary.txt in the users folder. This is what the file Mary.txt could look like:

choicepicsize: 120x120 words: testing/words/sentences
sentences: testing/words/sentences picsoncredit:Actor, Actress, Animals, Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables.
oddmanout:Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables.
picbrowser:Actor, Actress, Animals, Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables, Sports.

The line beginning with choicepicsize: has the size of the pictures in the choices. The default is 80x80, for which you simply omit this line

The line beginning with words: has the path of the folder that contains files with words that Mary can use, or is seeking to learn, while the line beginning with sentences: provides the path of the folder containing files with sentences. These are used, for instance, in nextword to predict the next word Mary wishes to type. If the sentences folder is a subfolder of the words folder, all words used in sentences become part of the words available to Mary.

Lines that begin with the name of a module followed by a colon (:) list names of image folders that the module may use, separated by comma (,) and terminated by a period (.)

Now, go to the login module (http://localhost:3000/login) and select Mary from the available choices

In this way, it is possible to individually set, for each user, what words and sentences skid will use, as well as the pictures that each module uses.