How to install skid on a Linux machine

install subversion, ruby-full version 1.8, rails version 2.1.0 and hpricot using the Synaptic Package Manager.

Open a terminal window and type

svn co

This will download the software into a directory called skid. After that, enter into the terminal the following commands:

cd skid

script/server -e production mongrel

Now fire up your browser, and point it to http://localhost:3000/modules/select/fun

Joystick control

If you want to be using the skid software via a joystick or equivalent, go to

download and follow instructions in the README to install the joystick driver. Type

ruby joytest.rb

to test if your joystick is working ok. Ctrl-C terminates the joytest.rb program.

Then, install festival text to speech, type

sudo apt-get install festival lame

sudo gem install festivaltts4r

Finally, add the jssh extension to firefox, as described at

Now, in the terminal window, type

./twobutton.rb -l -y 4 -n 5 -m picbrowser+recognize

if you want to use buttons 4 and 5 of the joystick to operate the modules picbrowser and recognize. Button 5 in this example lets you switch between modules, and button 4 to select a choice within each module. Button numbers on the joystick itself will typically be numbered one higher: use the joytest program to help select the buttons that work best for you.